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Elder Care Dhaka BD

The care or service of the elderly is such an invisible product, What is not seen can be touched but felt. We will now talk about the care or services of the elderly. Forty percent of the population of our country is elderly people. Of them, only a few are physically healthy while the rest suffer from various diseases. The most noticeable of these diseases is paralysis, not eating properly. Couldn’t go to the bathroom. Emotionally distorted. Many more.When all these old people are at home, they have to go through a lot of stress.The causes of such problems can vary. Loneliness, not being loved, lack of proper care is much more. So that can solve all kinds of problems, Elder Care Dhaka BD.

We will now discuss the various aspects of caring for the elderly. I will talk about the moral and immoral aspects of it. And give you an idea of ​​where to get this type of service.

We tell their elders, who are sixty-five years old, above that. People in this age group need personal care. They cannot take care of themselves then.Then, older people need care, skilled caregivers. We call them nurses.Nurses are basically different types. General nurses, secondary level nurses and trained nurses. Types of nurses are distinguished because of their type of work skills. These nurses provide services to the elderly at home or in the hospital. What kind of services does a service provider provide to an older person? A few examples are explained,Elder Care Dhaka BD. Through it.


an older person has the kind of work he does in his daily life. For example, getting up in the morning, drinking water, going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, having breakfast in the morning, then giving her medicine. This is morning work.

Second, the work that is done. These include bathing in the afternoon, feeding, resting after eating, and more. These are the work of noon.Third, the tasks that take place are the afternoon and night work.An older person feels most lonely in the afternoon.An elderly person feels most lonely in the afternoon.If he gets a man to talk to, he feels great.To make this feel great, Elder Care Dhaka BD gives you the latest, sophisticated nursing service.The next episode is night activities.Making the bed for the first night.The next episode is dinner and medicine.From the table above, we can be clear about three things,There are also some things beyond that which we will discuss below.

The family becomes frustrated when the child neglects the care of their parents.Therefore, each family should consider the views of the Elder Care Dhaka BD.And older parents should be taken care of.Through this the family will return to peace and the tradition of the family will continue.

FinallyElder Care Dhaka BD would like to tell you. Our country is so small, it is not possible for the government to serve every one of the 180 million people in this country.For this reason, Elder Care BD provides services to the elderly along with the government of Bangladesh.So accept our service and encourage others to take up the service.