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Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing Services

Why do you need home nursing services?

Home nursing services are needed for the physically ill, for the disabled, for the elderly. So if you have someone in your home who has any of the above issues, you need nursing home service. The number of people suffering from the above problems is increasing in Bangladesh at present.

So now the demand for the above services has spread to urban as well as rural areas. There are many more reasons for the need for nursing home care. These include palliative care, the need for nursing home care for post-treatment care of the heart.

What is a home nursing services?

Nursing Home Services is a nursing specialty where nurses provide a variety of home care services to patients of all ages. Home Nursing Care provides quality medical home care in the patient’s home in an affordable way for the convenience of the patient. Home care nurses provide medical care in the patient’s home based on the patient’s medical needs. And accordingly they plan to provide their care. The care provided through the nursing home includes :

  1. Preventive measures.
  2. Therapeutic, and
  3. Associated rehabilitation services.
  4. wound dressing.
  5. Ostomy care.
  6. Intravenous therapy.
  7. Administering medication.

The most common form of nursing home care is a number of nursing home care depending on the needs of the individual. The nurses at this nursing home care plan and provide care according to the doctor’s advice. Under the nursing home service, a patient can get high quality medical care at home. Depending on the situation of the individual patient, individual nursing care is provided.

Who provides Home Nursing Services in Bangladesh?

Day Night Care BD provides nursing home care throughout Bangladesh. Day Night Care BD nurses provide such services in Bangladesh, at home, in hospitals and anywhere. There is a huge demand for nursing homes in Bangladesh at present.Patients infected with the corona virus have recovered by receiving health care at home through home care nurses.

Day Night Care BD Through the nursing care provided by the nurses, many have recovered by receiving advanced medical care at home.People do not want to go to the hospital for treatment in the current coronavirus. Their correct thinking is very correct. We are here for you to make this right thinking a reality. We will go to your home and provide all kinds of Home Nursing Services, no matter where you are in Bangladesh.

  1. What should you consider before taking Home Nursing Services in Bangladesh? Before taking nursing home Service in Bangladesh, you should consider, Which company are you taking services from and what quality services can they give you.
  2. What is the cost of Home Nursing Service in Bangladesh? The cost of nursing home in Bangladesh is considered as daily, weekly and monthly. In many cases the cost of such care is also considered as daily.If you calculate the amount of money, Then you need 50 thousand to 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees per month to receive such services.

In Bangladesh, we are the No. 1 home nursing service provider. If you need that nursing home care. Then contact us.