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Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

By Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh we mean those who supply medical equipment in the market of Bangladesh. A Medical Equipment is any equipment intended to be used for medical purposes.Medical Equipment benefit patients by helping health care provides diagnose and treat patients and helping patients overcome sickness or disease, improving their quality of life.

Significant potential for hazards are inherent when using a medical equipment for medical purposes and thus medical equipment must be proved safe and effective with reasonable assurance before regulating governments allow marketing of the equipment in their country. As a general rule, as the associated risk of the equipment increases the amount of testing required to establish safety and efficacy also increases. Further, as associated risk increases the potential benefit to the patient must also increase.

Some History of medical equipment

Discovery of what would be considered a medical equipment by modern standards dates as far back as c. 7000 BC in Baluchistan where Neolithic dentists used flint-tipped drills and bowstrings. Study for archeology and roman medical literature that many types of medical equipment were in widespread use during the time of ancient rome. In the United States it wasn’t until the Federal Food , Drug and Cosmetic act (FD&C Act) in 1938 the medical equipment were regulated.

Later in 1976 the medical equipment Amendments to the FD&C Act Established medical equipment regulation and oversight ar we know is today in the United States.Medical Equipment regulation in europe as we know it today come into effect in the 1993 by what is collectively know as the Medical Equipment Directive (MED).On May 26,2017 The Medical Equipment Regulation(MER) Replaced the, MDD.

Who Supply Medical Equipment in Bangladesh?

Talking about Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh, first we need to know about the production capacity of medical equipment in Bangladesh. The demand for medical equipment in Bangladesh is around Tk 2,000 to 4,000 crore every year. About 95% of it has to be imported from abroad and the remaining 5% is made in our country. Our country’s medical equipment production capacity is only 5% of the demand. So we can say, Bangladesh is a country dependent on the import of medical equipment.

There are several companies in Bangladesh,

that manufacture these medical devices. I would like to give you an idea about two of them, the first is Promixo and the second is Celtron Electro Medical Services. Today, about 20 years ago, Promixo started its journey with the sale of medical equipment. The owner of Promixo told us that he did not run after the job like 5 other students. He brought two medical equipments from abroad and sold them around 2000.

And since then he has started providing various medical equipments to various non-government hospitals. At one stage, he set up a medical equipment manufacturing factory at Kaliakair in Gazipur in 2010. About 300 people work here at present.

Celtron Electro,

medical Services builds their company by walking against the current. Despite many obstacles, they were allowed to produce 4 medical equipments in the last generation. So much time we talked about medical equipment manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Several companies import and supply medical equipment in Bangladesh. This includes various private individuals and organizations and the government’s Ministry of Health imports and supplies high quality medical equipment from abroad. Through the development of e-commerce sector, a lot of people in our country buy wholesale medical equipment from Ali Baba/Anazon and supply it to the customers.

There are some medical equipment suppliers who buy and sell products from different importers or sub-dealers. This increases the price of the product and increasing the price increases the harassment of the customer. As a result, it is difficult for sellers to survive in competition. However, we consider our customers. We import medical equipment and sell it directly to our customers. In this way the customer can buy quality products at low prices.

We import high quality medical equipment from abroad such as Japan, Germany, America, Canada, Italy and sell it in Bangladesh market. From us you will find all kinds of high quality medical equipment.

Medical  Equipment list:

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

Medical Equipment Suppliers in Bangladesh

Dental X-ray
Dental X-ray film processor
Mobile X -ray unit
Mobile X -ray unit with Image intensifier
X-ray safe light
Ultra sound unit(general)
X-ray viewer(single screen)
X-ray viewer(double screen)
Cassettee pass- box
Film marker
General X-ray Unit
Automatic Film Processor
Manual Film Processor
Film Drier
Film hopper
X-ray Cassettes(see annex)
OPG Unit
Screening unit
Mammography unit
Darkroom accessories(sets)

Analytic balance


Binocular microscope
Blood bank refrigerator
Blood cell counter, Electrical
Glucose analyzer
Haemoglobinometer, electronic
Weighing scale adult
HIV screening machine/ Test kits
Hot air oven
Bilirubin meter
Incubator, laboratory
Kerosene Stove
PH meter
Trip Balance
Vaccine transport box
Water bath
Water de-ionizer
Water distiller
Glass ware set, Laboratory
Hand tally counter
Slide warmer


Electrophoresis apparatus
Digital count pen


Anaesthetic machine
ECG Monitor
Oxygen regulator
Vital Signs Monitor