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Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service

Oxygen is one of the most common chemical elements in the world. It is one of the main elements in the formation of air. Oxygen  is essential for the survival of all plants and animals. Scientists, after discovering the chemical elements, reveal different symbols of these chemicals. A symbol of oxygen has also been provided. The symbol of oxygen is O. Oxygen is about one-fifth of the atmosphere. Water contains nine tenths (by weight) of oxygen. It is not found directly from nature. Oxygen gas is a mixture of different gases. And scientists separate oxygen from the gases in that air.

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Properties of Oxygen  ,

* Atomic number of oxygen is 8.
* Atomic mass 15.9994.
* Melting point 8218.4 C (61361.1 ° F)
* Boiling point −183.0 C (7297.4 F)
* Density (1 atm, 0 D Centigrade) 1.429 g / liter
* Oxidation conditions : −1, −2, +2
* Electron configuration :  1s22s22p4

Oxygen has no color, odor, or odor in the free state. It turns into a pale blue liquid at temperatures below -297 ° F (-183 ° C). And hardens at about -360 ° F (-218 ° C). Oxygen can easily combine with many elements to form compounds. The most common compounds formed by oxygen are water. Whose signal is Ho2. Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. One form of oxygen is weight (O3) which is a pale blue gas.

It is explosive and toxic. It is found in the atmosphere above. However, this toxic oxygen gas plays an important role in protecting the Earth’s atmosphere. This prevents harmful rays from the sun from reaching the earth’s surface.

Use of oxygen

Every human being, starting from animals, needs oxygen to survive. During respiration, the oxygen in the air combines with carbon and hydrogen in the body, which helps to provide energy to the bodies of humans, animals and birds. After inhalation, a compound called carbon and oxygen is formed, which we call carbon dioxide.

Plants, on the other hand, absorb that carbon dioxide as part of a process called photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants break down carbon dioxide and convert it back into carbon and oxygen.Then who uses carbon. And releases oxygen into the air. Also, if there is a lack of oxygen in the patient’s body, the doctor supplies them pure oxygen. To learn more about the use of oxygen cylinders, see . How to use oxygen? 

The oxygen that the doctor provides to the patients is supplied through the cylinder.

What is Oxygen Cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is structurally very stiff, long and round. And has lids under and above it. Although the structure of the oxygen cylinder is one of the last features, the size varies. For example, there are three types of oxygen cylinders based on human use. Large, medium and small. Large oxygen cylinders are used to transport oxygen from one place to another.

Suppose a company produces oxygen. Oxygen cylinders that are used to deliver several thousand liters of oxygen at a time from the manufacturer to the dealer. But the big cylinder says. After that medium size cylinder. These cylinders are purchased for our home and hospital use. All these medium sized oxygen cylinders can carry 10 to 15 liters of oxygen.

Then there is the small oxygen cylinder. These small oxygen cylinders are used to carry anywhere. Suppose a patient goes by car from Dhaka to Chittagong. She has trouble breathing. He could have this problem at any time. In this case, a small size oxygen cylinder is most useful for a patient suffering from shortness of breath.

Who currently needs an oxygen cylinder?

Currently, more oxygen cylinders are needed for patients with corona. Patients infected with the coronavirus are more likely to develop respiratory distress. Patients with asthma cannot get enough oxygen to meet their needs. And it reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. And various organs of the body are disrupted to carry out its normal activities.And last but not least, the lack of oxygen can kill a person.

So in addition to patients infected with the corona virus, Patients suffering from shortness of breath and infected with coronavirus using oxygen cylinders. However, it is always better to use oxygen according to the advice of an experienced doctor. With a usable oxygen cylinder you get,

1. Oxygen flow meter.
2. Oxygen trolley.
3. Oxygen cylinder.
4. Nozzle canola / mask.
5. Capacity: 1.38 cubic meters.
6. 2000 liters of pressure oxygen.
7. Usage time: 1500 minutes at minimum speed.
8. Free home delivery.

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Who provides Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service?

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service

At present, the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh is in a very advanced position. Due to this many business men of our country sell oxygen cylinders online. And since the client orders the oxygen cylinder through online. So they have to provide oxygen cylinder home delivery service. Many companies in Bangladesh provide home delivery services, In case of selling oxygen cylinders.

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Oxygen24BD is a company named in Bangladesh. Who supply all the high quality oxygen to the needs of the customers all over Bangladesh. The company also sells oxygen at low prices considering the needs of all levels of customers. There are currently three companies producing oxygen in Bangladesh. These three companies are Linda Oxygen Cylinder, China Oxygen Cylinder and Islam Oxygen Cylinder. Oxygen 24BD sells oxygen to each of the above companies. The price of Linda Oxygen is 22500 rupees. The price of China Oxygen is 12500 rupees and the price of Islam Oxygen is 11500 rupees.

What is home delivery service?

Home delivery service when you order online via email or mobile. The product is arriving at your destination. It is very enjoyable for a buyer. This has reduced the hassle. Sitting at home, he can buy the product of his choice. Payment is made upon receipt of the product. The modern convenience of buying and selling is now like this. And it is a home delivery service. Everything can now be purchased through home delivery. All things used in daily life, such as food, clothes, books, household goods, medical equipment. Such as oxygen cylinders, surgical items etc.

Those involved with home delivery work. They are all very young. And home delivery services are a very popular job for young people. This can be done both part-time and pre-season. Young people who are currently studying at the university are showing great interest in providing this home delivery service. As such, their financial situation is improving and this home delivery service is playing an important role in solving the unemployment problem of the country.

Humble, hardworking and humble people have more opportunities in such work. Home delivery service can be done even if you do not have experience. Institutional training is available for all employees before working. The owners of the company think that through this training they become more efficient. Understand the nature, type and subject of work. Work with dedication.