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Air Mattress

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Product Description

Life Care Air Mattress With Pump:

  • The adjustable alternating pressure Air Mattress is our best selling premium mattress system that is ideal for the treatment of stage 1-2 bedsores.
  • This alternating pressure system provides superior adjustable pressure therapy.
  • It is commonly used in nursing homes and comes with an adjustable pump allowing you to adjust the firmness and softness of the pad.
  • The alternating pressure pad can be used over an existing twin bed or standard medical bed frame.
  • Alternating pressure therapy relieves pressure and stimulates blood flow to the patient’s body.
  • This alternating pressure pad system is commonly used when a patient transfers from a hospital to home health care or nursing homes.
  • The adjustable alternating pressure Air Mattress system uses a heavier gauge vinyl pad making it the most popular choice for durability in nursing homes and rehab centers.
  • Under European technology & Supervision Anti-bedsore, anti-decubitus mattress with adjustable pump Size: 86*8 cm